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Mar 29, 2017

All New Marvel Roundup #126: Get Your Chi Up
Phil and Charlie review the Marvel Comics for the week of 3-22-2017 including:
-Invincible Iron Man #5
-Extraordinary X-Men #20
-Hulk #4
-Black Panther #12
-Unworthy Thor #5
-Prowler #6
-Ultimates 2 #5
-Iron Fist #1
-Captain America: Steve Rogers #14

Mar 28, 2017

Nuff Said: Logan
Phil, Lilith, and Charlie review the movie Logan, the final Hugh Jackman Wolverine adventure.
Show notes:
Nuff Said: Logan

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Mar 23, 2017

Superconnectivity #124: Star-Lord’s Donuts
Charlie & Phil discuss various Marvel topics including:
-Charlie continues his love affair with Powerless
-Is the movie Life a Venom origin story?
-Charlie & Phil saw Logan and loved it!
-The MCU needs a Nick Fury solo movie
-Fox needs an X-23 and Alpha Flight movie

Mar 23, 2017

Snow Gives Way - IronCast s1e1

Charlie and Mozz discuss the hit Netlifix series Marvel's Iron Fist.

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Mar 23, 2017

All New Marvel Roundup #125: Germans From Mars
Phil and Charlie review the Marvel Comics for the week of 3-15-2017 including:
-Star-Lord #4
-Uncanny Avengers #21
-Ms. Marvel #16
-Daredevil #18
-Amazing Spider-Man #25
Great Lakes Avengers #6
-Captain America: Sam Wilson #20
-MIghty Thor #17
Show notes:
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