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SuperConnectivity April 24, 2015
Charlie and Phil discuss many topics including:
 -Daredevil spoilers including the Zodiac easter egg, Melvin Potter the tailor, Leland Owlsley and his possible fate, and the downfall of Wilson Fisk.
-1997’s Heroes Reborn series featuring the Avengers & Fantastic Four
-Bobby Drake (Marvel’s Iceman) vs. Alan Scott  (DC’s original Green Lantern)! Who came out of the closet better?
-Professor X & Reed Richards: The Kings of bad decisions?
-The Beyonder: Does he exist outside of time?  Is he unaffected by our laws of physics?  Is the entire Marvel Universe an experiment being conducted by the Beyonder?  Charlie submits Fantastic Four #319 and an odd Beyonder/Transformers crossover from Secret Wars II.
-Will their be a Marvel/DC Amalgam world in the upcoming Secret Wars?
-Dr Doom, ruler of the new Battleworld!!
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