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SuperConnectivity August 1, 2015
Charlie & Phil discuss:
-Is it Deadpool’s fault Venom is crazy?
-More on Doom’s shortcomings.
-Can the Maestro defeat Doom?
-1872 Hank Pym vs. Ultron
-Does Odinson remember the truth?
-Will the Fantastic Four win the weekend Box Office?
-Will we ever see a Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover movie?
-Will we see an Old Man Logan movie with the Hulk? And if so, will it be Mark Ruffalo?
-Charlie & Phil love the current Squadron Supreme storyline on the Avengers Assemble cartoon.
-Charlie goes all DC!
-Upcoming post Secret Wars books including the Ultimates book which leads to Black Panther talk.
-What we SHOULD see in Agents of Shield season 3!
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