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All New Marvel Roundup: X-Men & Spider-Men
All New X-Men #13—Phil-Thumbs Up
Old Man Logan #11—Phil-Thumbs Up
A-Force #9—Charlie-Thumbs Up
Deadpool #18—Phil-Thumbs Up
Civil War II: Gods of War #4—Charlie-Thumbs Up (Charlie’s pick of the week)
Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #4—Phil-Thumbs Up
Gwenpool #6—Charlie-Thumbs Up
Spider-Man #8—Phil-Thumbs Up (Phil’s pick of the week)
Rocket Raccoon & Groot #9—Charlie-Thumbs Up
Spider-Man 2099 #15—Phil-Thumbs Up
Black Panther #6—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
Uncanny Avengers #14—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
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All New Marvel Roundup: 9-14-2016: X-Men & Spider-Men
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Production Team: Phil Perich, Rob Southgate
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