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Aug 13, 2015

Charlie & Phil discuss:
-Fantastic Four fears.
-Will last 10 minutes of the movie save it?
-Is the movie too full of “mumbo-jumbo”?
-Does this Fantastic Four share an origin with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
-Charlie still holds out hope that the Fantastic Four movie will be good.
-Fantastic Four will have to face Mission Impossible and the Minions on its opening weekend.
-The Thing falls in the trailer but not the movie.
-Is the New Fantastic Four movie going to be on par with Howard the Duck?
-Did director Josh Trank honor the original source material (the comic books)?
-What’s left for Ben Grimm in the movie?
-MCU Spider-Man should face the Enforcers in his first movie.
-Bill Cosby: Master of Hypnosis!!
-Reed Richards has a bigger ego than Doctor Doom!!
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