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Jul 18, 2015

-Charlie is back on the Ant-Man bandwagon!
-Ant-Man meets the Falcon! Plus: The Microverse.
-Bad news for the Fantastic Four movie including:
 -Fantastic Four WILL NOT be in 3D!
 -Dr Doom’s armor looks more fake than in the Roger Corman version.
-The MCU dominates all!
-Will Wesley Snipes return as Blade the Vampire Hunter?
-Ryan Reynolds is doing good.
- “Marvel brings people together, DC tears them apart!” 
-Listener mail (Thanks Nuno Santos!) brings Charlie & Phil back to the topic of Secret Wars.
-Charlie gives a shout out to the Wait What podcast.
-Weather is magical in origin in the Marvel Universe.
-Who will be the Totally Awesome Hulk?  Could it be…Fred Savage?
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