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Jun 25, 2015

-The Beyonder is Multiversal.
-Charlie’s Secret Wars #5 Theory.
-Is the Multiverse still intact?
-Charlie does the math to figure out Battleworld’s laws of physics.
-Phil’s theory: Dr. Doom created the whole Battleworld scenario.
-Did Superior Spider-Man save some universes unintentionally?
-Dr Doom is still a petty jerk!
-Details of the Marvel/Sony deal.
-Will the Scarlet Witch get a new codename?
-New release date for the Captain Marvel movie?
-When will Spider-Man enter the MCU?
-Charlie is STILL worried about Ant-Man!
-Dr Strange’s new teacher—the middleaged one.
-Fantastic Four movie rumor—The Thing has no pants!
-No romance for the Hulk.
“We came for the Groot, we stayed for the Star-Lord”
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