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Dec 22, 2016

All New Marvel Roundup: Full On Van Wilder
All New X-Men #16—Phil-Thumbs Up
Old Man Logan #15—Phil-Thumbs Up
Power Man & Iron Fist #11—Phil-Thumbs Up
Gwen pool Holiday Special Merry Mix Up #1—Charlie-Thumbs Up
Deadpool: Back In Black #5—Phil-Thumbs Up
Daredevil #14—Phil-Thumbs Up

Dec 14, 2016

All New Marvel Roundup: Return of a Frenemy

All New Wolverine #15—Phil-Thumbs Up
Nova #1—Phil-Thumbs Up
Moon Knight #9—Phil-Thumbs Up
Slapstick #1—Charlie-Thumbs Up
Deadpool #23—Phil-Thumbs Up
Spider-Man 2099 #18—Phil-Thumbs Up
Clone Conspiracy #3—Phil-Thumbs Up (Phil’s pick of the week)

Dec 9, 2016

Nuff Said Bullpen: Mark Waid Interview Part 2
Phil continues his discussion with comics legend Mark Waid about his time working on Captain America, Daredevil, and his current Avengers run!
Show notes:
Nuff Said Bullpen: Mark Waid Interview Part 2

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Dec 8, 2016

Superconnectivity: Batman’s New Career
-Possible Thor: Ragnarok leaked art
-Agents of Shield spoilers
-Deadpool movie nominated for 4 Critics Choice Awards
-Batman vs Cancer -New projects for Charlie & Lilith Hellfire?
-CW Invasion crossover talk
-Mr. Mxyzptlk coming to Supergirl
-Who should Harley Quinn have a...

Dec 7, 2016

All New Marvel Roundup: Thunderbolts Reunion Tour
Great Lakes Avengers #2—Charlie-Thumbs Up
Guardians of the Galaxy #14—Phil-Thumbs Up
Extraordinary X-Men #16—Phil-Thumbs Up
New Avengers #18—Charlie-Thumbs Up
Totally Awesome Hulk #12—Phil-Thumbs Up
Ghost Rider #1—Phil-Thumbs Up
Ms. Marvel...