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May 28, 2015

Phil reads some listener feedback and then…
...Secret Wars continues!!!!!!
Who will Defeat Dr Doom?
Charlie believes Reed Richards is the new Dr. Doom.
Which Knowhere are we getting in Secret Wars?
Does Battleworld have a sun?
Post Secret Wars Marvel Universe will jump ahead 8 months.
Squadron Supreme vs. Squadron Sinister vs. Dr. Zero vs. the New Universe!
1872 & Cowboys!
Which Spider-man Secret Wars books are Charlie & Phil interested in?
Charlie likes the Agent Venom character.
Will the MC2 universe return after Secret Wars?
Which books will matter in the big picture of Battleworld?
Secret Wars vs. Convergence.
What will be the final fate of the Beyonders?
How many planets are on the other side of our sun?
What are the laws of physics of the Marvel Universe?
Loki vs. Schrodinger’s cat.
Where is Frank from Bayonne (the original Beyonder)?  Will he reunite with Dazzler?
Some quick thoughts on Agents of Shield.
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